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Citrus County


Beautiful Citrus County, part of the Florida’s Nature Coast, is the water-lover’s Florida. From its unspoiled shore on the Gulf of Mexico to its rolling hills and sparkling lakes, water is an important component in the lives of Citrus County residents. With so much to do in, near, or on the water, everyone will find plenty to keep busy exploring innumerable opportunities. But also culture-lovers, golf fanatics and leisure-time enjoyers will be delighted with what Citrus County has to offer.

Only 75 minutes away from the cities Orlando and Tampa, Citrus County also offers its residents and visitors the excitement of the big cities.


For sun seekers, Florida is the place to be. With warm summers and soft winters, Florida has become the home for the snowbirds, the people from the north of America who spend their winters in the pleasant subtropical temperatures and in the sun. With even in December and January an average high temperature in the seventies and 7 hours of sun a day, visitors and residents alike are guaranteed to have a lot better weather than anywhere else on the mainland.


Instead of the Gulf Coast, a lot of people refer to Citrus County as the Golf Coast. Considering the abundance of beautiful, fun and challenging golf courses around, this is no wonder. From the world renowned golf course of Black Diamond to less exclusive golf courses like Skyview or Citrus Hills, every golfer can find his heart’s desire right in Citrus County.




Hiking, biking and horseback riding

Hiking: whether your trail is short or long, wet or dry, improved or natural, you’ll be able to see nature’s offerings in Citrus County. Most of Citrus County offers some form of educational path, interpretative nature walk or hiking trail, each featuring its own unique combination of ecosystems, flora and fauna. You can combine hiking with a number of other activities such as bird watching, camping or fishing.
Biking: Citrus County offers ample opportunities for cross country excursions, meandering scenic day rides and primitive off-road tracks.
Horseback riding: Mother Nature made Citrus County ‘a natural’ when it comes to equestrian activities. Either for a day’s ride or a full equestrian camping trip, the facilities you need are here. You may trailer your own horse or rent one when you arrive. Whatever your choices, the fun of riding through some of the most beautiful public lands in Citrus County is available to you.


Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

This is a showcase for native Florida wildlife. Visitors can stroll along unspoiled nature trails and see deer, black bear, bobcats, otters, cougar alligators and crocodiles at close range. Many varieties of birds, from colorful wood ducks and flamingos to majestic birds of prey, make Homosassa Springs their homes. One of the most interesting encounters is seeing or even swimming with the endangered and protected marine mammal, the Manatee.

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